Why Virtual Events?

In the last few months virtual events have come into their own.
As software is developing to support the complexities of virtual platforms,
the possible applications are vast offering a whole new exciting way to communicate.

There are so many advantages to virtual events,
just take a look…

Virtual events are less expensive

No physical stand, staff, venue, setup and breakdown, hotel bills, meals, travel costs… the list of savings is endless.
All you pay is the cost of the virtual meeting platform.

Virtual events save time

As your event will be virtual, you’ll also save yourself, your staff, and your attendees so much time.

Virtual events require some setting up time (eg. event platform population, event marketing and promotion, etc.) but this is much less than the time required for traditional events.

Choosing virtual events also means no travel time. This frees up your colleagues to work on all their other important things.

Virtual events can reduce CO2 emissions by 98%

Virtual events are global

The goal of any event is to reach as many people as possible. That’s so much easier with a virtual event!

Easily promote your event from within the platform and allow registrations pre-event or/and on the day.

Hosting a virtual event allows you to grow the audience and get everyone to participate, no matter where they live.

Virtual events are flexible

As virtual events are purely online, the inbuilt flexibility allows you to choose how you broadcast your event.

Whether you’re hosting a leadership conference, a virtual sales campaign, or any type of event, you can choose to make the sessions interactive, recorded, offer different language options, invite guest speakers and much, much more.

A face to face show experience

Just like a real show, attendees can visit virtual stands, walk around them, talk in person to stand members, collect brochures and watch presentations or videos.

Easy to make connections

Virtual events are faster-paced as attendees don’t physically move from session to session or stand to stand. The time saved makes it easier to make connections with other attendees and speakers – communicating via text, chat and video chat.

And since everything is online, attendees can easily make notes, right there on their tablet or computer.

Easy to measure results

Feedback is critical for any events including virtual events. As attendees are constantly online at virtual events, they can easily answer real-time polls or surveys in sessions in real time. And. because everything is done online, so it can be easily tracked.

Not only will this real-time feedback help presenters gauge how their talk is going, but it will also be useful to measure the overall success of your virtual event.

Move your organisation forward

Plus-virtual events allows attendees to take part in a secure, online experience all from the comfort of their home or office.
A virtual event will drive communication, revenues and increase profitability by virtual engagement between you, your colleagues, your prospects and your clients.

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