Pull up your sofa… it’s time to plan your virtual trade show

It’s time to get out in the world and start generating useful leads again. Virtual trade shows, a cost-effective way to start making a profit that is not restricted by geography or weather, accessible to all and can be organised from your sofa.

A virtual trade show can be an exceptional business tool and because it is online the end results can be easily measured. Of course, creating a show to be proud of is where plus virtual comes in… for more advice and a free demo, pop over to https://www.plus-virtual.com/virtual-events and fill in the form. We’ll be in touch soon and you’ll have taken the first step.

In the meantime let’s take a look at a few tools that can help make a great virtual trade show just by adding a personal touch.

You need to create an impression.

This should be a dynamic 3D environment with the appearance of a physical show – from an intriguing or exciting landing page to an exhibition hall that will be a huge benefit to both exhibitors and visitors alike.

Brand the stands

Sorry you will still have to chase your exhibitors for artwork, but they will have the opportunity to brand their stands in a variety of ways with less compromise than is usual with a physical stand.

Live shows

Well, live webinars… A webinar is a perfect way to get your message out to a large group at one time. It can be something as simple as a presenter and a power point up to something more flashy with a full broadcasting set up, set design, presenters and multi camera angles. Involve your audience with Q&A sessions, live polls and quizzes.

(To see all our webinar platform can do head over to www.plus-virtual.com/webinars for a full list of features)

Chat and a cuppa tea

Strengthen leads, make sales by utilising the chat function. Create 1 to 1 connections or initiate group discussions. All without leaving the platform. Tea not supplied – but why not send some in the post to your attendees homes to bring your event to life?

Live games, quizzes and competitions

Get attendees involved and improve retention through cleverly designed gamification. Encourage user participation through treasure hunts and web friendly games even awarding prizes to successful delegates. Host quizzes through our webinar platform and really immerse the delegates into the platform.

Online purchases

Set up a simple e-commerce shop and sell products all through your platform. Stress free!


See which specific users visited certain pages and took specific actions (like video watches etc.) or take note of who entered the webinars at what times. You can delve deeply into the analytics post show and really look at how your attendees used your platform.

Extend your event

Utilise the platform’s on demand area to allow attendees to watch back webinar sessions or videos of your choosing. Create follow up meetings through the clever ‘Book a meeting’ service built into the platform and chase those all important leads!